Dragon Boat

Sport Summary

Events Long Course 500m
Short Course 250m
  • Open
  • No restrictions on age or sex
Venue Tony Marron Park
Regulations No previous experience required
Steerers are provided
Minimum of 2 races each distance
A crew consists of a Drummer & 16 (min) to 20 (max) paddlers
Team size
  • Minimum 18
  • Maximum 25
Uniform Matching shirts
Equipment Boats, paddles & buoyancy aids provided

Games Points

Games Points for Sport & Divisional Championships

Sports Code

Dragon Boat - DRG

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Competition Details

Venue Control

A Captains meeting will be held 1 hour before the first race each day. All crews must be epresented. Crews must report to the assembly area 20 minutes before scheduled start time. Officials will check all ID passes at this time.

Uniform & Equipment

Teams must wear matching shirts. Only Games Dragon Boats, paddles and buoyancy aids may be used. Buoyancy aids are compulsory. Crews must ensure that the Dragon Boat and equipment are water worthy and functional before embarking. The Games is not responsible for boat or equipment failure after the boat has left the loading area.


  • Saturday
    Long Course
    Approx. 500m
  • Sunday
    Short Course
    Approx. 250m

See schedule for heats. Each crew is scheduled a minimum of 2 races per distance. Crews advance further according to time in heats & or position in heats. Full rules are available at Venue Control. A synopsis is attached to the Captains schedule.


IDBF racing rules modified for Corporate Games apply. No Dragon Boat Racing experience is required however all competitors must be able to swim at least 50m lightly clothed. A crew must have a drummer and between 12(min) and 16 (max) paddlers. The drummer must sit on the drummer’s seat and actively beat the drum throughout the race. Boats and Steerers are allocated for each race. Competitors must show their ID before entering a boat. After loading, crews must proceed directly to the start area, keeping clear of the racing lanes.

Race Procedure

Crews must assemble behind the start at least 3 minutes before scheduled start time. The starter calls crews to their lanes 2 minutes before scheduled start time and may warn any team late to the start. A warning constitutes a false start. A crew must race in its designated lane. If only one boat starts a scheduled race, the crew must paddle the course in order to register a finishing time. Alignment at the Start and the Finishing Order is determined by the Dragons Head or the foremost part of the boat. Crews must avoid collisions at all costs irrespective of fault. Crews failing to follow Race Officials’ directions or deliberately breaking racing rules may be disqualified.