Basketball 5's

Sport Summary

  • Women
  • Men
  • Mixed
  • Open
Venue The Zone
Regulations Minimum of 3 matches
Mixed teams must have no more than 3 players of each sex on court.
Team Size Minimum 7 Maximum 9
Uniform Numbered matching shirts

Games Points

Games Points for Sport & Divisional Championships

Sports Code

Basketball - BKT

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Competition Details

Venue Control

Captains must report to Venue Control at least 20 minutes before start of pool and 10 minutes before start of elimination matches to validate team members. Referees will check each player’s ID Pass court side before each match.


Practice is subject to court availability. Warm up is limited to 5 minutes prior to match start. No dunking allowed.

Uniform & Equipment

Teams must wear numbered matching vests. In the event of a colour clash, the second named team shall change. Match balls are supplied. Practice balls are not.


See schedule for matches. Pool play followed by elimination tournament. See For Athletes Eyes Only for pool play and elimination scoring system. Each match is a minimum of two 15 minute running clock alves with a 1 minute changeover. Time outs: One 30 second time out per half per team. No stopping of clock for time outs in 1st first half but in 2nd half the clock will stop. The clock will stop in last minute of each half only for free throws. When an elimination or a final match is drawn at full time there will be overtime of 2 minutes stopping clock. In the event of a further tie, sudden death will be played with the team scoring first declared the winner.


FIBA playing rules modified for Corporate Games apply.

Points System

2 points per basket for in-field play.
1 point for free throws.
3 pointers apply.


Players must sign and return a completed Match Card immediately after the match.